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Optivet supporting a “ couple of old mutts 🐶 “

We are delighted to announce Optivet Referrals have agreed to Sponsor a Par 5 on our Atlantic Ocean course.Optivet Referrals are Europe's leader in specialist-led veterinary ophthalmology referrals. They also provide high level, specialist-led surgery (orthopaedic / soft tissue), internal medicine and pain management referrals supported by specialist-led anaesthesia. They pride themselves on treating patients as if they are their own pets.

Simon Hester ( Director);

“We have been assured that David and Richard are of fine pedigree and have what it takes to make a successful voyage but we stand by to give them veterinary treatment as required - let's face it, they are a couple of quite old mutts and need all the help they can get!” #greens2blue #worldstoughestrow

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