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"Fabulous tapas awaits GREENS2BLUE upon completion of the Atlantic crossing"

We are delighted to announce that we now have our 6th par 5 sponsor on our “Atlantic Ocean Course”. El Gato Negro are Simon Shaw restaurants in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. The award-winning tapas menu combines modern and traditional flavours and techniques, offering seasonally-influenced small plates using quality Spanish and locally sourced ingredients. Signature dishes and small plates are served along side Spain’s best wines and sherries. @elgatonegrotapas

Simon Shaw, Chef Patron/Creative Director: “Whilst El Gato Negro are excited to support the Greens2Blue campaign we won’t unfortunately be able to do the catering for their crossing ! However we look forward to giving them a warm welcome and some fabulous tapas at El Gato after completing their crossing in 2026”

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