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GREENS2BLUE are looking to partner with you to help us get to the starting line in La Gomera, Canary Islands in December 2025 and also raise significant funds for charity.

We see this as more than just sponsorship but more of a partnership where we will be able to actively engage with you and provide a host of opportunities to use the boat at corporate and social events and indeed with fair winds and good seas come and share our experiences of the row with you, and your stakeholders after completion.

Therefore, we remain flexible about what this partnership looks like, as we look to align our relevant individual and corporate social responsibilities. We will be able to immediately provide prominent branding on two major sections of the boat, showcasing you, with the global reach the 2025 World’s Toughest Row has.

We will work with you to name the boat and display your branding on all apparel and merchandise worn in the build up to and during the row itself.

As part of our support team we have already teamed up with on-shore media specialists who will be providing regular updates on training up to the start of the row and then two updates a day during the row. This will enable us to promote you while at the same time sharing our own social media updates with your clients, stakeholders and employees.

Come and join us and let’s do something special together…

Greens2Blue World's Toughest Row Sponsorship
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